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What is a standards-based report card?

A standards-based report card informs parents of the most important skills/concepts students should learn in each subject area at a particular grade level.

It is designed to give parents a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their child’s learning.

The standards-based system gives very specific information concerning a student’s level of proficiency and progress on a given standard.  This allows parents, students, and teachers to determine what a student’s strengths/weaknesses are and what to do to help.  Standards selected for reporting are essential for current and subsequent grades and are aligned with STAAR.

How does the standards-based report card compare to the traditional report card?

Traditional report cards use grades to communicate student effort and teacher expectations.  The standards-based report card indicates mastery and progress of the grade level standards as set forth by the state.

The curriculum (what we teach), the instruction (how we teach), and the assessment (the testing) are aligned to the standard.