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What is A.R?

Often at our school we use the term A.R. and parents wonder
What is that?
A.R. is an acronym for Accelerated Reader. A.R. is a computer based reading motivation program. A.R. is a key component of our reading curriculum at Chamberlin. A.R. works as a tool to motivate our students to read, read, read, while providing their teachers with beneficial data to individualize instruction in the areas of your students needs. A.R. uses our computers and technology to test students on books they read. After students read a book, they will then take a test on that book on the computer.
The program is based on an individualized student goal for a six week grading period. Each student's goal is based on the student’s individualized strengths and weaknesses. To determine these goals teachers use assessment tools from "The Star Early Literacy Test", and "The Star Reading Test".
A student's goal is based on 3 criteria:
1. The student's reading level as suggested from the Star test.
2. A number of points for the student to attain each week, based on teacher assessments.
3. The student is to maintain an 80% average for 1st graders, 85% average for 2nd graders.
The Process:
1.  Student Reads a Book: Students choose books at their appropriate reading levels and read them at their own pace. Visit Chamberlin Library web site to search for available titles.
2.  Student Takes a Quiz: Chamberlin now uses the Renaissance Learning Enterprise Program. Enterprise is a component of the Renaissance Learning System that allows our students to have access to "ALL" of the company's reading quizzes.
3. Parent Gets Information: through Enterprise. One of the new components is "HOME CONNECT".  Parents can receive immediate feedback on the reading, as well as Accelerated Math, progress of each student. As soon as the student takes the quiz,
he will be given his score for that quiz.
For Home Connect access and more information about Renaissance Learning, click on "LINKS" in the box above.